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Table37 has developed and perfected an improved way of dining. The hassle of waiting for a reservation and losing diners to long wait times is over! Table37 is devoted to enhancing the dining experience by providing a real-time online and smart phone restaurant reservations system. It provides the most advanced reservation and table management system for restaurants to help launch your business into the 21st century.

Table37 allows diners to make reservations 24 hours/day via the restaurant’s webpage, facebook page, or their personal smartphone. This application frees up the hostess from answering phone calls to focus on your patrons’ needs while providing a reservation and table management system that heightens the diners’ experience.

// Diners

Table37 offers diners a quick and easy way to make free reservations 24 hours a day from the restaurant’s website, facebook page, Table37 website, or Table37 smartphone app. You’ll now have the ability to search for restaurants by your current location, metro area, or by restaurant name.

You can add yourself to the waitlist or to the ‘call ahead’ seating list right from your smartphone app! The estimated wait time will be posted once you’ve added yourself to the waitlist. Consider it your own personal hostess right in your hands. No more having to wait in a crowded lobby for a table! Get a drink at the bar or enjoy some time outside!

With the smartphone app you are able to add restaurants to your “Favorites” list for quick and easy searches. You can manage and change any existing reservations, as well as:

  1. “Check-in” with the hostess via your smartphone app - no more having to wait in line to let the hostess know that you have arrived!
  2. Receive text message alerts when your table is ready, allowing you the freedom to wait at the bar
  3. Invite friends to dine with you by sending an email with the reservation details!
  4. Add special notes or requests to the reservation, (i.e. need a high chair, food allergies, special occasions and celebrations)

// Restaurateurs

Table37 is the only complete reservation, wait list, paging, and table management system in the market. We are a true iPad application; this allows us to offer many features not capable from most web-based platforms.

Our product provides restaurants with the ability to receive reservations 24 hours a day via your website, facebook page, and smartphone application. Let Table37 help you grow while launching your restaurant into the 21st Century with our easy-to-use system!

Features included:

  1. Complete Reservation System
  2. Waitlist System
  3. Table Management System
  4. Paging System
  5. Customer Notes Storage
  6. Social Media Integration
  7. Smart Phone Application
  8. Reservation Confirmation System
  9. Statistical Analysis
  10. Demographic Information

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